Basic Heroic Legendary Epic
Vital statistics
Rarity 3 Stars
Type Darkness
Starting Atk 96-199
Starting Def 20-41
Maximum Atk 780-1623
Maximum Def 164-341
Maximum Level 30

Beast of the Labyrinth

Minotaur is a 3 Stars Darkness card.


"The Minotaur loves Spanish music. It's why he carries these giant maracas with him wherever he goes. He gets very intense about shaking them, though."


Level Atk Def
1 96-199 20-41
30 780-1623 164-341
{{#set: card rarity=3 Stars

|Faction type=Darkness |starting attack=96-199 |starting defense=20-41 |maximum attack= |maximum defense= |maximum level=40 }}

Minotaur Skills
Card Skill Name Required Required Bonus
Minotaur Bulging Biceps Kratos +20%ATK
Minotaur Dare Enter My Labyrinth Theseus Ariadne +30%ATK&DEF
Minotaur Appropriate Weapon

Horn of the Minotaur


Cards Effected by Minotaur
Card Skill Name Bonus Connected
Theseus Ordeal in the Labyrinth +50%ATK&DEF Yes
Ariadne Labyrinth Love Story +40%ATK&DEF Yes
Minos Labyrinth Antics +40%ATK&DEF Yes

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