Vital statistics
Rarity 4 Stars
Type Titans
Starting Atk 143-190
Starting Def 116-154
Maximum Atk unknown
Maximum Def unknown
Maximum Level 40

Mother of Monsters

Ekhidna is a 4 Stars Titans card.


""Die she-dragon", the other gods would shout. But it wasn't Ekhidna's fault she fell in love with Typhon and had all those crazy monster babies! Talk about being misunderstood! Then Apollo came along and she took an arrow to the knee. She then knew that her adventures were over."


Level Atk Def
1 143-190 116-154
{{#set: card rarity=4 Stars

|Faction type=Titans |starting attack=143-190 |starting defense=116-154 |maximum attack= |maximum defense= |maximum level=50 }}

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