Treasures are formed from combining treasure fragments. Some treasures require 3 fragments, whilst others require 5. Fragments are found in loot, either from a quest or a battle. Once all the pieces of a treasure have been collected and you have begun combining them, it will take 1 hour before your finished treasure. In this time, your pieces can be stolen through battle.

Treasures can be used to enhance your team even further. Most treasures boost your attack and defence stats, whilst some treasures do more special things. Below is the list of treasures, and their abilities at level 1.

Panpipes - Increase base minimum attack by 11-50%.

Chariot - Increase base maximum attack by 11-50%.

Golden Fleece - Increase base minimum defence by 11-50%.

Golden Lyre - Increase base maximum defence by 11-50%.

Trident - Increase chance to hit maximum attack number by 6-45%.

Magic Girdle - Increase chance to hit maximum defence number by 6-45%.

Pandora's Box - Increase minimum and maximum attack by 1-40%.

Aegis Shield - Increase minimum and maximum defence by 1-40%.

Caduceus - Amount of silver received from battle 22-100.

Horn of the Minotaur - Increase chance to double attack by 6-45%.

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