So, here is the next step to enhancing your deck to be totally bada**. It's called Ascension. Let's go through the steps.


  1. Choose a card, preferably your strongest, and max the level out through enhancing.
    1. If it's a 4Star card, you will need 2 more (for a total of 3) of the same card.
      1. Or 80 Ascension Tokens
    2. If it's a 3Star card, you'll need just 15 Ascension Tokens.
  2. Go to the Enhance page.
    1. See that "Ascend" button on the top right? Click it.
    2. If you're using Ascension Tokens just hit the "Ascend" buttons on the bottom. 
    3. If you're using the 2nd and 3rd duplicate cards, the hit "Choose Sacrifial Cards."
      1. pick the only cards shown (the duplicates)
      2. hit ok
  3. Now, hit the "Ascend" button on the bottom and watch your card become Legendary.

Cost to Ascend:

  • 3 stars:
    • Base -> Heroic = 15 tokens
    • Heroic -> Legendary = 50 tokens
    • Legendary -> Epic and beyond = 85 tokens
  • 4 stars:
    • Base -> Legendary = 2 cards, 1 card & 40 tokens, or 80 tokens
    • Legendary -> Epic and beyond = 3 cards, 2 cards & 40 tokens, 1 card & 80 tokens, or 120 tokens
  • 5 stars:
    • Base -> Epic and beyond = 2 cards, 1 card & 60 tokens, or 120 tokens

Bonus info: This process can be done twice. And each time your card will recieve a bonus (always active) skill.

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